Love in the time of Covid-19

Conceptually enhancing the Hinge online dating app experience


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The Brief


What does the market look like?

Analysis Quadrant: Hinge relative to the competitor’s on Covid-19 & supporting meaningful relationships

Is there a gap in the market?

Who currently uses dating apps?

How could dating apps be more engaging? It’s time to ask the users…

Interviewing using Zoom
An example of one of the Miro boards with responses and grouped themes. Contact me if you want to read the Post Its!


Hi Claudia! How’s online dating for you?

Claudia’s Persona: Capturing the essence of our research
Claudia’s Empathy Map
Claudia’s Experience Map: Her highs and lows of online dating

Claudia needs a better way to engage with potential matches on Hinge because she feels like her conversations die out as quickly as they begin


So ‘How Might We’ solve Claudia’s problem?

Let’s get creative in a Design Studio!

Core ideas from the initial question: How Might We make it easier for a match to engage with Claudia?

User Flow 1: Claudia likes Juan… let’s play a game

A ‘happy path’ user flow for Claudia to invite Juan to play an online game

User Flow 2: Nudge to keep the conversation going

A ‘happy path’ user flow for Hinge to remind Claudia that she’s not replied to Juan after 2 days

How could these features be integrated into Hinge?

Application Map: Showing where the new game feature would be at home

Time to start low-fidelity wireframing…

Examples of my game prompt in a conversation between Claudia and her potential match, Juan.
Examples of the feedback from the Low-Fidelity wireframes

Increasing the detail in Mid-Fidelity

Examples of the feedback from the Mid-Fidelity wireframes

Iterating to High-Fidelity: Almost ready to prototype…

Onboarding & Empty-state: How do I start playing?

Onboarding the new game tab. Left: Onboarding Middle: Initial empty-state Right: game options

Fun for everyone? Checking Accessibility

Testing the Accessibility of the game selection screen. Left: Full colour. Right: High-contrast black and white


Welcome to the new Hinge… prototype concept!

User Flow 1: Claudia likes Juan…

User Flow 1 Animation

User Flow 2: Nudge to keep the conversation going

User Flow 2 Animation

Fancy looking at the clickable version?

I’d like to consider some next steps…

What have I learnt?

UX Designer | UX Researcher | Coach

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