• Eleanor Woodger

    Eleanor Woodger

    UX Designer | Passionate About People

  • Louis Pattison

    Louis Pattison

    Writer and editor specialising in UX and content design.

  • Stefan J Domzalski

    Stefan J Domzalski

    UX Designer & Front End Developer | Interested in behaviour change and sleep | currently live in Brighton, United Kingdom

  • Ryan Brakspear

    Ryan Brakspear

    Budding UX designer; making small changes everyday.

  • Max Mondelli

    Max Mondelli

    UX Design Strategist at outfly.io Follow me on Instagram @nobrains_nogains

  • Ana van Schalkwyk

    Ana van Schalkwyk

    UX Designer | Passionate About People

  • Carlos Arellano

    Carlos Arellano

    Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m a 21 y.r. UX/UI Designer living in London. I’m trying to start my career to work with an amazing team and in awesome projects!

  • Chris Wellmar

    Chris Wellmar

    UX Product Designer

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