Conceptually enhancing the Hinge online dating app experience


A conceptual two-week group project to add new features to the Hinge dating app providing users additional ways of engaging with each other, particularly now that face-to-face contact is restricted as a result of the Covid-19.

Tools Used: Pen & Paper, Figma, Miro, QuickTime, CloudConvert

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash

The Brief

Hinge is a popular dating app with a difference; once successful in its mission in helping users to build a ‘meaningful relationship’ to find ‘the one’, it’s designed to be deleted!

With in-person dating more difficult during the pandemic, Hinge has a major opportunity to provide users with other ways to get to know each…

Energy Sports, Online

The Brief

To create an e-commerce website for a fictional local sports store, ‘Energy Sports’. They focus on great customer service, a curated range of trusted products and competitive pricing.

The project was to deliver a clickable mid-fidelity prototype.

Tools Used: Pen & Paper, Sketch, InVision, Trello, Miro, Noun Project, QuickTime, CloudConvert

A typical local sports shop

My role

As a UX design student, the aim was to deliver on the brief in a two-week sprint, following the first three phases of the 4-stage double-diamond structured design process, namely, the Discover, Define and Develop phases.

Elements of the discovery phase were carried as part of a team of four…

An individual four-day visual design sprint to rebrand and reskin 2 pages of the Emily Harris Foundation’s existing website. The high-fidelity images should be responsive across 3 viewports: mobile, tablet and desktop.

Tools Used: Pen and paper, Sketch, Miro

The Emily Harris Foundation’s existing homepage

My approach

While this was primarily a visual design project, I decided to use key UX tools to focus my attention on identifying the most appropriate pages to reskin and understanding what site users would want from the site.

Discover: Gaining insight into the user’s needs

The Emily Harris Foundation is a small charity that was set up in memory of Emily Harris by her parents. …

Increasing public awareness of the benefits and impacts of AI


As a UX designer, I worked with two UX colleagues, Carlos and Yamil, on an exciting 3-week group project to meet our client’s brief.

The client, We and AI, is a new not-for-profit organisation set up and run by volunteers with the primary mission of increasing public awareness and understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) in the UK.

Pepper: The friendly face of artificial intelligence (Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash)

The Brief

  • Create a Resource Hub where all the AI-themed resources they want to be able to share are made available.
  • Define architecture and user flow for a ‘Toolkit’ which is a collection of resources related to a specific theme.
  • Improve the onboarding for all…

Richard Harris

UX Designer | UX Researcher | Coach

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